Electrical Services

Calgary Electrical Services Offered by Master Electricians

We offer a wide variety of electrical service for residential, commercial and industrial clients in Calgary and surrounding areas. We have several crews to service all your electrical wiring, panel and installation needs including Master Electricians, Journeymen and Professional Installers. See below for more detailed information.

Areas of Focus


Our Calgary Residential Electrician teams have a vast scope of knowledge to serve all your residential needs. Be it a basement development, reno, new build, or just some wiring to add or adjust, we're here to help.


Our commercial electrical services in Calgary are intended to provide electrical services to retail and commercial clients. We service store, restaurant or other commercial development for all electrical and panel wiring and installation.


We now provide Industrial Electrical Services in Calgary and surrounding areas. We are able to handle larger guage electrical wiring jobs including warehouse setup, high voltage applications, building service, and more.


Do I need plans drawn ahead of time?

No. Part of our full service offering is to take your project in its early phases and begin designing the electrical layout with you. We can work with existing designs and provide additional consultation to ensure your electrical project meets local codes and regulation, and passes all inspections. For larger projects, we can provide all electrical drawings ahead of time for approval by the client.

Do I need to pull my own permits?

No. Generally we can pull all required permits and probably have more of the information required to pull them correctly and efficiently. This is a service we provide at no additional cost, only the cost of the permits and inspections themselves.